Surinaamse brouwerij N.V.

Surinaamse brouwerij N.V.

PARBO Bier is a household name inside and outside Suriname. After a hard day’s work, on a terrace at a pleasant meeting with friends, served with a plate of good food: a tasty PARBO is part of it.

PARBO Bier is brewed by Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. The roots of Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. lie in the Dutch province of Zeeland, where around 1950, the brothers Piet and Arthur Dumoleyn decided to continue their brewery business in Suriname. PARBO Bier is brewed by Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. in Suriname, at the time, part of the kingdom of the Netherlands, which back then did not have its own brewery.

In October 1955, the brewery was officially opened by His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. At the end of December 1955, the company produced the first PARBO Bier, and establishment of the first and still only brewery in Suriname was a fact. Amstel Brouwerij N.V., which was taken over by Heineken N.V. in 1968, was a shareholder right from the start.

Surinamese beer is of excellent quality, as evidenced by the award of the ‘Prix d’ Excellence’ in 1958 during the global beer competition in Ghent, Belgium. Quality has always played and continues to play an important role in corporate policy. Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. was one of the first breweries in South and North America to obtain both ISO and HACCP certification.

Today, Surinaamse  Brouwerij N.V. aims to produce and sell beer that meets international standards. The policy is aimed at achieving profitable and sustainable growth in order to strengthen the position of the company.

In doing so, Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. strives for an optimal return for the shareholders, continuous customer satisfaction, optimal well-being of the employees, responsible corporate social responsibility and involvement. Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. brews, produces and sells and distributes Parbo Pilsener, Parbo Chiller, Parbo Radler, and produces Parbo Soda Water for the Surinamese market. In addition, Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. exports PARBO Bier to a number of selected countries, including the Netherlands, Guyana, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, and Aruba as an island. Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. imports and distributes Heineken beer, Vitamalt and Desperado in Suriname.

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