Responsible consumption

We have developed our own alcohol policy for PARBO Bier.
It consists of eight principles that aim to promote the responsible consumption by PARBO Bier drinkers. 

The eight principles are successively:

  1. For most adults who choose to drink alcohol, responsible beer consumption goes hand in hand with a balanced and positive lifestyle.
  2. Each informed individual is responsible for his/her own behavior.
  3. We are committed to increasing knowledge on responsible consumption.
  4. We demand responsible behavior from all employees of Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V.
  5. We ensure that our commercial activities comply with legal requirements and that irresponsible consumption is not encouraged.
  6. We want to help prevent abuse through dialogue and action.
  7. The implementation of the alcohol policy of Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. is mandatory for all activities of PARBO Bier.
  8. We report on all our activities related to the alcohol policy of Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V.