The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on sponsorship commitments/cancellations. The organization (we) is (are) responsible for adhering to the sponsorship policy. Sponsorship requests are delegated to the brand managers for further processing (accepted or declined).

Sponsorship Policy
  • Complies with Responsible Marketing Code and the Brand promotors Policy.
  • At all times supported by a contract in which all the rights and obligations of the parties are included.
  • Event/sponsorship complies with the Commercial standards of our organization.
Sponsorship criteria alcoholic brands
  • 18 years + responsible alcohol policy
  • Criteria for sponsorship in accordance with type of event approach
  • Digital (media) sponsorship
  • Media sponsorship
  • Event (mass) sponsorship
  • Lending (bar tents & cool boxes etc.) sponsorship
Procedure description to process requests for sponsorship
  • A written/digital request is received by email:
    sponsorship@parbobier.com, forwarded for inspection to brand managers, members of the management team
  • The requests are registered. The commercial sponsorships are categorized as:
    1. Sport activities
    2. Media sponsorship
    3. Music events
  • Depending on what is requested, the commercial requests will be forwarded to the brand managers
  • The requests will be processed within three (3) working days by the relevant person.
  • Feedback on the result will be relayed by the brand managers to the relevant organization by telephone, e-mail or if necessary, in writing.
  • Requests for sponsorship from government organizations or government-related organizations will not be honoured due to our “Business Conduct”.
  • Requests for sponsorship (letter) or e-mail to be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event.
  • Assessment sponsorship request and response within 1 week after the request.
  • If positive, sponsorship contract process is started.
  • Assessment will be based on the sponsorship criteria & tools.
  • Minimum order for beer or products from our assortment is preferred.
  • Mandatory in the appendix the Heineken Responsible Marketing Code & Brand Promotors Policy.
  • Provide content to archive the event.
  • Support can be given in the form of financial contribution (always in SRD transmitted through the Bank on a bank account) or in assets (sponsorship in-kind, tents, cool boxes etc.).
  • Requests directly or indirectly related to minors will not be processed. Requests for Sponsorship must be in line with our Responsible Marketing Code.
  • The sponsorship target must be within our budget.
Sponsoring form:
  • If positive – the contract process is initiated
  • Analysis based on the sponsorship criteria & tools
  • Attendance: 500+ persons
  • Minimum order for beer or products from our assortment
  • Mandatory in the appendix the Heineken Responsible Marketing Code & Brand Promotors Policy

Do you think you qualify for sponsorship? Then use our contact form to submit your request. Only if the request complies with the provisions of our sponsorship policy will it be considered for further processing.

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