Deposit bottles

Surinaamse Brouwerij currently has 2 returnable bottles, a brown 1 liter bottle more known as the Djogo and the brown 250 ml bottle for Parbo Bier and Parbo Radler.
The deposit process is very simple; You buy a beer in a 1 liter bottle at the supermarket or another store and pay srd 5,00 extra. When you return this bottle you will receive srd 5,00 back. The bottle then goes into the return process to be used again in the production of glass bottles. So if you, as a consumer, hand in all your bottles, you can contribute to almost 100% recycling.

Deposit bottles and crates can be returned to our PC Shop at the Brewery every day from Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. We have to conclude that the deposit process in Suriname is not yet optimal, while in other countries it has proven to have a positive influence on the behavior of consumers when causing litter. Consumers will have a financial incentive to hand in packaging instead of throwing it away or leaving it behind. In addition, there will be people who will be encouraged to pick up and return packaging material from the litter. This is expected to reduce the amount of litter.